VIA Motors Featured In Educational Documentary for Public Television

Orem, Utah – VIA Motors, Inc. will be featured as part of the educational public television series, In Depth, hosted by actor Laurence Fishbourne. The documentary is set to air January 25, 2021 on participating public television channels and will be rebroadcast throughout the year.

In the documentary, Bob Purcell (CEO, VIA Motors) and Thierry Caussat (CTO, VIA Motors) discuss the state of the fleet industry and the role that electronic commercial vehicles play. “If you look at the total population of commercial vehicles, they’re going to represent 6 million tons of additional noxious emissions over the next 10 years,” states Purcell.  The problem is clear, with cities choked in pollution, but most companies think it is too expensive to invest in electric commercial fleets. That is no longer the case.

Caussat talks about VIA’s approach to building electric commercial vehicles, and how that makes them more affordable to fleet managers, “Instead of just selling a vehicle to a company, we look at all requirements, simulate the routes and how the vehicle will behave, then adapt our vehicle to those needs.”  The result is a vehicle that is built exactly to customer needs, with no money wasted on unnecessary features.

“Today we can deliver an electric drive truck at the same costs as a diesel truck.”

-Bob Purcell, CEO VIA Motors

Bob Continues,

“We can offer a lower cost option, even to a smaller fleet.”  Utilizing what the automotive industry calls a skateboard, VIA uses a modular platform that has been designed to accept multiple body styles, from a truck bed to an enclosed step van—further allowing customers to customize their electric fleet vehicle and resulting in a more affordable vehicle overall.

In talking about the pollution in cities, Bob says, “We can’t keep going down the same path we’re on. We need to move to the new solution, which is electric drive. What we want to do is enable that to happen faster and at a lower cost.”

VIA Motors International, Inc., is a leading electric commercial vehicle company with proven advanced electric drive technology, delivering sustainable mobility solutions for a more livable world. VIA designs, manufactures and markets electric commercial vehicles, with superior life-cycle economics, for use across a broad cross-section of the global fleet customer base. VIA’s vehicles are optimized for each fleet’s needs, with intelligent software packages and fleet monitoring systems that are designed to reduce cost and improve operating efficiencies. VIA is a systems-driven company and strives to optimize the total fleet experience including fuel, maintenance, uptime, route mapping and more, with reduced development time, improved quality, driving comfort, energy efficiency and connectivity.

Images courtesy of VIA Motors

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