Used 2013 Tesla Model S 60 With Only 34,000 Miles Selling For $51,000

The question of just how much a used Tesla is actually worth is an interesting one. With how often the company increases battery-pack sizes, changes design, changes autopilot hardware, etc, how well does potential resale value hold up?

There’s been a lot of speculation on the matter, and to date we’ve gained some insight as older Model S sedans have begun to hit the second-hand market. With that in mind, I want to direct your attention to a recent post that I saw on the Tesla Motors Club forum. A user by the name of “Greg Stuart” (sounds like his real name) is now offering a 2013 Tesla Model S with only 34,000 miles on it, and only very minor wear, for sale for $51,000.

Interesting figures, no?

Tesla Model S 60 silver
Picture of the Model S for sale, via Greg Stuart.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Ok, I really need to now pass along my 2013 Silver Tesla 60. Love this car but I am moving. Car is in the Hamptons.

Tesla Model S 60 kWh in GREAT shape. Car is in the Hamptons. I am moving to NYC and need to sell.

Was just checked completely top-to-bottom by Tesla. All good. Everything checked out and they fixed whatever was needed. Even did a tire alignment. Never been in an accident. We have maintained it well. Never drove on salted roads. Garaged in winter. Small scratch near the driver-side rear wheel well.

Extra options paid for included Silver Paint, All Glass Panoramic Roof, Black Nappa Leather, Tech Package, Sound Studio Package AND the Rear Facing Seats. Net, this version sits seven (7) people/kids. Best feature ever if you have kids. I have the build sheet. Was $80,000 total. I have priced below Kelly Blue Book. Some of you have asked, it doesn’t have a Supercharger account but I think it can be added if you want.


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  1. i have yang camel famel with his new bby its the same price model S in US so i give it to you and you give your car

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