Unplugged Performance’s Comprehensive Refresh For “Old” Tesla Model S Is Hot

Since its launch back in 2012, the Tesla Model S has been upgraded and changed quite a lot by the pioneering electric vehicle company. In addition to the somewhat recent change of the front-end appearance, the company has changed the appearance of the rear and sides to some degree.

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While Tesla’s use of over-the-air software updates has largely allowed owners of early Model S sedans to stay up to date on features and performance — with one of the notable exceptions being the self-driving technology hardware suites — appearance is of course something that can’t be changed by a simple software update.

However, those of you who have one of the older units but prefer the newer look now have the option of upgrading thanks to a comprehensive refresh program being offered by Unplugged Performance.

An email sent to EV Obsession on the subject provides more: “A single day of installation by a local body shop anywhere in the world is all that is needed to update the car to the modern and sporty exterior. Unplugged Performance has years of extensive experience developing world renown custom high performance Teslas. To reinvigorate the new car feeling, Unplugged has developed a complete front end replacement, a complete rear end replacement and optional replacement side skirts which round out the refresh upgrade. The end result is an older car that feels brand new again and better hints at the car’s massive performance capabilities.”

While some of the wealthier Tesla customers out there will probably opt to just continue buying one of the newest versions of the Model S, those who keep a tighter grip on their wallets, or who just prefer to keep their current car rather than break in a new one, now have a considerably cheaper option.

More information on the upgrade can be found at the company’s website.

All images via Unplugged Performance

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