TSLAQ Members “Joke” That Rioters Should Destroy Tesla Superchargers

TSLAQ members want rioters to destroy Tesla Superchargers. They are actually tweeting about this on Twitter, thinking that they are hidden behind their blocklist. A Teslarati article reported this first. I find it deeply disturbing. I mean, the fact that we have a group of people who hate an American company so much that they want to destroy its property?

Members of the TSLAQ group, very outspoken and hateful critics of Elon Musk, are encouraging rioters to target Tesla Superchargers. This has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd and everything to do with the hatred of one person: Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, Tesla, and its customers who use the Superchargers to ensure safe travels have done nothing to deserve the type of violence that is sweeping the nations. And when it comes to George Floyd, many of the protesters are peaceful. It’s been noted in many cities that the rioting was started by random white men dressed in all black. There have been instances where black protestors are asking the white ones not to destroy stuff β€” requests that have fallen on deaf ears.

Taking advantage of a nation under duress is nothing new to those who have hatred in their hearts, when one is blinded by sheer hatred β€” the type of hatred that many in this cult that targets Tesla owners, customers, and fans on Twitter daily seem to have in their hearts.

Please note, this same group of people is often cited by mainstream media outlets such as Vanity Fair, CNBC, and others who use these “anonymous sources” in many negative clickbait-style headline pieces. This same group has targeted me and many others on Twitter. I’ve even lost my main Twitter account due to this group filing false reports — not DMCA, since Twitter never emailed me and explained why my account was suspended.

The mainstream media has many agendas besides reporting what’s going on. Yes, it has given a voice to protestors and sought justice for George Floyd, Alton Sterling, and many other innocent people who have been slaughtered by police simply due to the color of their skin. Yet, on the flip side, the mainstream has also viciously attacked Elon Musk for being eccentric and rich.

By laughing at the “joke,” as they are claiming it to be, and also by retweeting it, they are approving of the idea of vandalizing Tesla Superchargers. This group of short sellers has transitioned from being simply shorts of a stock to being an obsessive cult that is simply anti-Elon Musk.

Those of us who admire Elon Musk are often called cult members, but at least we are not planning and plotting to destroy things in his name. Instead, we cheer on his success because we know that when Elon Musk succeeds, so does America. Every step Elon takes in his businesses pushes this country forward — despite the burning rage from our own self-inflicted wounds that we are dealing with today.

While cities were raging — wars between protestors wanting justice and those who believe black people are no more than animals — SpaceX and NASA were taking another step in the direction of Mars, following the dream of an immigrant who came to America with only $2,000 and loved this country enough not just to settle here, but to advance our society technologically.

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