Tevva Motors’ 7.5 Ton Range-Extended Electric Truck Has Range Of 80 Miles Per Full Charge

The electric truck startup company Tevva Motors (formerly Teva Motors) is currently working to commercialize range-extended electric trucks in the UK market — and recently showed off its latest offering via a video posted online.

The new range-extended electric truck comes in at around 7.5 tons, is manufactured by the Chinese company JAC, features an all-electric range of 130 kilometers (~80 miles), a much larger absolute-range once the diesel range extender is factored in, and can be recharged in roughly 3 hours using a 3-phase high-power outlet.

Tevva Motors range-extended electric truck

Altogether, that makes for a pretty impressive-sounding truck — no doubt, why Tevva Motors is getting so much interest and support from UPS. UPS is currently performing a pilot study with one of the range-extended (REx) electric truck prototypes, which will lead (or not lead) to the company utilizing the technology on a broader scale.

Here’s the video in question:

One of the idea’s behind the use a range extender is that, while carbon emissions (and pollution) will still be emitted by the truck, the timing of these emissions can be easily controlled. In other words, rather than spewing diesel pollution in urban and residential areas, the use of the range-extender can be limited to freeways, rural areas, etc.

Image Credit: Screen Capture/Tevva Motors

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