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Originally published on EV Annex.
By Matt Pressman

For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we feature curated images from Instagram that showcase both the beauty and the power of both the Tesla Model S and Model X. Check out Tesla’s vehicles photographed in natural outdoor settings.. As always, we’re impressed with Tesla owners who have the ability to snap pics of their cars that often rival those taken by professional photographers. And, for this week’s featured video, we get a first-hand look through the expansive panoramic roof/windshield inside the Tesla Model X as the SUV races at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed. To check it all out, scroll down below…

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For this week’s featured video, Road and Track reports that the Tesla Model X just recently launched in Europe so Tesla Motors decided to celebrate by racing a Model X, “up the hillclimb at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed. As with any Ludicrous Mode-equipped Tesla, it was swift and silent. The Festival of Speed is known for celebrating the passion of driving and cars. Owners and manufacturers bring out their most legendary machines, old and new, and give them to drivers to blast up the 1.1 mile single-lane path. Watching this video of the Model X climbing up the hill is eerie, not only because the car isn’t making any noise, but because of how quickly it’s going. The driver isn’t holding back… [and his] ability to perform in these conditions is nonetheless impressive.” The panoramic roof makes the video especially beautiful to watch, see below…

Youtube: Tesla

What we showcased here in our Tesla Eye Candy series is a sampling of the great stuff we’ve come across on Instagram and Youtube. So, if you enjoy this series, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Youtube (and our other social media channels). Also, we regularly feature Tesla Eye Candy blog posts, so be sure to look out for our weekly series. And, if there are any images (or video) you think we should feature, just contact us.

Reprinted with permission.

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