Tesla’s Next Software Update Is Going To Be Awesome! (READ THIS!)

Tesla’s been on a bit of a roll lately, with the successful launch of the “Autopilot” feature late last year, and the recent, well-received rollout of the Autopark function, both being good examples of the company’s good fortune as of late.

So, what comes next? I think the cartoon below gives us a pretty good idea — a flying Model S making its descent onto a floating launch platform. Or perhaps a Tesla-branded rover driving around on Mars after being brought there by a SpaceX rocket? You might be sniggering right now, but I actually wouldn’t be surprised if CEO Elon Musk has dreamt about something along those lines before. πŸ™‚

Tesla comic

While the joke about a flying Tesla will very likely never have any truth to it, one does have to wonder how much crossover there will eventually be between the technologies developed by Tesla and those developed by SpaceX.

There are clearly a lot of interesting options there… In fact, the combination of Tesla (transportation, autonomous AI systems, battery energy storage), SpaceX (rockets, satellite launches, solar space project launches?), and SolarCity (Silevo’s relatively cheap solar photovoltaic modules) technologies has long made me wonder…. They really make quite an interesting suite of technologies. Musk certainly seems to have big plans, going by what’s been revealed to date, I wonder what else he has in mind?

(Tip of the hat to “Dutchie” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for linking to the image. And thanks to “The Joy of Tech” as well, of course.)

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