Tesla’s New Autopark Feature Shown Off By Pro Skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi (Video)

Ever want to see a pro skateboarder use the Tesla Model S in some way for the setup of a trick? No? Yeah, I’ve never considered the possibility either… A new video from the pro skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi shows something somewhat along those lines though… A Tesla Model S (apparently nicknamed “Tessie”) doing a trick all on its own — parking itself.

While most of those reading this have probably already watched one of the videos out there showing a Tesla Model S park itself, I have to say this is probably one of the best ones — with the video being taken from inside the car and showing the “phantom” turning of the steering wheel. If you want to explain to someone what the Autopark feature is exactly, this is probably the video that I would recommend.

Teslarati provides more:

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of the Tesla Autopilot ‘stunts’, professional skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi pulls off his latest trick using Tesla’s new hands free perpendicular parking feature.

The new feature comes with the latest release of Tesla Firmware 7.1 and extends upon the suite of Autopilot capabilities that were introduced in 7.0. Auto Parallel Parking allowed drivers to initiate an automatic curbside parking job through the push of a button, and with this latest update comes the ability, for a Model S and Model X, to automatically navigate itself into a parking space that’s surrounded by two cars. Mike Mo’s used to entertaining the crowd, but in a twist of fate his quick-footed escape from the Model S gets upstaged by the car itself.

Not bad, but I admit that with all of the talk of fully autonomous cars, I’m starting to get a bit impatient. How do you get excited about a car that can park itself when you’re thinking about a car that can drive cross country by itself, or can put up with stop-and-go traffic jams while you sit in the back getting caught up on work?

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