Tesla Sport Truck In Development? (#ElonTweets)

Many of our readers have long been desiring a compelling electric pickup truck. When Elon Musk announced earlier this year in Tesla’s 2nd Master Plan that it planned to roll out an electric pickup truck, the crowds went wild. But no real details were provided.

On that matter, someone on Twitter by the name of “‪MikeMfknSplain” recently asked Musk about the possibility of a “sport truck ‬in the Tesla line up in the future‪.” Musk replied cryptically, stating: “hmmm.”‬

I think a Tesla truck would also be a good option to camp out of — so I hope that option will be built into the design and features a bit. Knowing Tesla, I wonder if they would maybe even try offering a panoramic roof option for a covered truck bed. That would be a bit strange but I wouldn’t be too surprised. If not, there are always aftermarket options.

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