Tesla Short Seller Threatens To Blow Himself Up At Tesla Factories

In a thread on Reddit about Steve Mnuchin agreeing with Elon Musk, one redditor wasn’t too happy about it and in an all caps rant said that he was “going to fill it with gas, drive into every Tesla factory and blow myself up every day until this ***** meme stock ***** dies with me.” It seems the commenter is upset because he lost money shorting Tesla stock.

Now, many might say it’s just a troll, since there are quite a few troll bots out there bashing Tesla on Twitter, but when someone says they are going to blow themselves up, it should be taken seriously in my opinion. If the guy was Muslim and was talking about shooting up a church or something, then the police would be all over this.

It should be also noted that you can only blow yourself up once — and this guy’s rant seems to be either blatantly trollish or really, really emotional. I am all for ignoring trolls, but when a threat to lives — such as suicide bombing — is posed, it should be taken seriously. Hopefully, this guy is just ranting, but one can never be too sure. If someone says they are going to blow themselves up, believe them.

Whether or not it is just a rant, or an actual threat, you should never threaten something so extreme. Saying things of this nature — even if you are not serious/joking — make you look as if you are serious. And it scares those who love you. This just goes to show that the hatred for Elon Musk and Tesla is deep and psychological. Also, this proves that the echo chamber set up by TSLAQ leaders effectively keeps so many investors who trust them in the dark.

Anyone pointing out facts is immediately flagged for blocking, and people like Viv and Vincent and the rest of the Third Row Tesla group have been countlessly attacked and targeted online in futile efforts to silence them. The same has been done to me. I’ve even had emails sent through my jewelry website by people claiming to be Tesla employees, yet they have used fake emails.

The gravity of just how far those bumping the $TSLAQ gang symbol can go just shows that they are barely hanging on to the control they fight so hard to keep. As the Tesla stock soars, as more and more people start buying and driving Tesla vehicles, their original motto that Tesla will go bankrupt will continue to be proven as false. However, those who fall for their brilliantly worded gaslit tweets and allow themselves to be manipulated in fighting the “good fight” against the big, bad Elon Musk will be the real victims of this cult.

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