Tesla P90D Versus 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Here’s yet another new video of a Tesla Model S going head to head with a notable sports car — in this case, it’s a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 going against a 2015 Tesla P90D featuring the Ludicrous Mode upgrade. Enjoy.

Some of the commentators on YouTube are claiming that the Tesla jumped the gun, but I’m not seeing it myself… Looks clean to me.

I will say though, that all of that smoke coming off of the Corvette while idling before the start… Damn, that’s reason enough on its own to go with the Tesla.

Thanks to “fiksegts” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for this.

6 thoughts on “Tesla P90D Versus 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

  1. The red vehicle might have jumped the gun just a bit but not by much. Not enough that it would have made a big difference in the outcome. Now the white vehicle was a bit late coming off the mark. That might be because it tooks few seconds for ICE to start to generate power whereas EV has it ready. But even if the red one jumped the gun a little the white didn’t really catch up throughout the race.


  2. If you look at the green light you can also see that the Tesla did not move before that light came on. The Chevy driver was simply slower.

  3. Tesla got the jump on Vette, but Vette driver wasn’t even trying. Why was he idling the engine at standstill? If he’s be revving, he’d have far quicker start. Basic Physics, rev the engine to max torque RPM so you have full torque available from the very start. Of course, that’s bad for the car, but if you’re trying to win a race with a gas car, that’s what you do (drive it like you stole it). Physics described in my blog post here.


    OTOH, EV don’t have to damage the car (or not as much) for quick runs, and far more repeatable.

  4. Still .4 of a second slower than the Model SP90D(L) should run the quarter as promised on the Tesla order page. What gives?

  5. Come on. READ the outcome tape. The Tesla did NOT “jump the go light.” The reaction time for the Tesla is .110 seconds and the Vette was .68 seconds. Yes, the Vette driver was “napping” at the start, but within the margin of human response time still.

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