Tesla Now Pushing Inventory Model Xs With Nice Discounts

Those interested in purchasing a Tesla Model X, but not interested in having to wait several months to get it, and also interested in getting a bit of a discount, may want to consider purchasing an inventory Model X.

A recent discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum provided some new insight into the current situation. In particular, a comment by “nctalkinghead” about his buying experience of an inventory Model X was interesting.

2016 Tesla Model X P90D Signature In-Depth Review (Video)

Here’s the full comment: “Perhaps other members are aware that some Model X inventory cars are available on the SC computers. I went to the Raleigh SC on 6/29 to finalize my design for a new MX, but learned that inventory X’s might be what I want. I had purchased an inventory P85 last December and was very pleased with that discount. I found an X90D in Austin, TX that matched my design with only one small exception and had only 950 miles on the odometer. I am expecting it to arrive within 3 weeks!”

Notably, inventory cars are generally (nearly always) cars that have never been titled — meaning that they qualify for all the same tax incentives that “new” cars do, and thus the discounts available with their purchase are true discounts, not tricks.

A commenter by the name of “m2s2” shared his purchase experience as well: “Ya I just got one out of Orlando with about 1,100 miles and a $4,500 discount. There was a similar one in Ohio that had premium package, but someone bought it 20 minutes before me, so I went 90D non premium package. I was going to order a 75 D but to inpatient to wait till December. I hope to get it in a couple weeks. $500 transfer fee from Tampa to Miami. My only worry is missing out on newer tech, but that’s a battle I will probably never win. Trading in my old MS which I got 6 month to early for autopilot.”

As far as quantities go (at least regional ones), a “DougH” commented: “I was in the Portland store today and they have access to about 100 Inventory cars. That will double in the next two-three weeks I was told. They will not be listed on the Tesla site you have to go in and talk to someone. They are really looking to move cars fast for some reason.”

Interesting stuff. Anyone interested in picking up an inventory Model X?

2 thoughts on “Tesla Now Pushing Inventory Model Xs With Nice Discounts

  1. They have a Demand problem on both the S and the X. This likely to get ugly; it will be a long unprofitable period before Model 3 arrives.

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