Are Some Tesla Model Xs Already Outfitted With 100 kWh Battery Packs?

Recent tests performed by Drag Times have revealed that the Tesla Model X P90DL, despite being less aerodynamic (the pregnant-hippo shape) and ~600 lbs heavier, comes close to outperforming the Tesla Model S P90DL in some circumstances.

During testing at the Palm Beach International Raceway, the Model X P90DL even managed to do a 116 mph run in only 11.6 seconds — as compared to the Model S P90DL doing a 116 mph run in 11.3 seconds.

Tesla Model X front corner

How is this possible? What internal changes were included in the Model X P90DL (but not the slightly older non-refreshed Model S P90DL) to allow this to be possible?

In its coverage, Drag Times noted that, on the surface, things didn’t seem to add up: “Given the extra 600+ pounds the Model X has to carry around over the Model S combined with Tesla’s own spec that both have the same motors, same battery and make the same power (532 HP motor power), the numbers just didn’t add up. While the Model S beats the Model X off the line with 0-60 in 2.8 seconds vs 3.1, after the launch the cars were pretty much even.”

As a result, those involved decided to record live data from the two different models through the PowerTools App. What did this approach reveal? That the Model X P90DL puts out considerably more power….

Continuing, Drag Times noted: “Using the PowerTools App to stream and record live data from the Tesla to our iPhone we recorded the power output of each car from from 0–125 MPH. The max power output in for the Model X was 491 KW and the max for the Model S was just 451 KW. Converting this to HP results in a 55 HP advantage for the Model X over the Model S. Both cars were charged to 100% with Max Battery Power enabled and ready before the runs.”

Does this mean that some Model Xs have been outfitted with 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery-packs? Or that improvement have been made elsewhere? Has the refreshed Model S been granted the same improvements?

The coverage elaborated on the above findings: “This power difference is pretty significant, especially since Tesla states the Model S P90D Ludicrous runs 10.9 in the 1/4 mile and yet nobody in the year or so the car has been out has been able to run these times at a real drag strip with most runs in the 11.2 – 11.3 range. Tesla states the Model X will run the 1/4 mile in 11.7 and we’ve easily beaten that with multiple 11.6 passes. The extra 55 HP would most likely put the Model S into the 10’s, so the question is why isn’t the Model S P90D making the power if it’s clear Tesla can make it happen?”

“To further mix things up there have been reports that recently built Model S P90D cars with Ludicrous and later firmware versions than what our car has have been logging 501 KW or 67 HP more than older P90D Ludicrous cars. Will a pending software update equailize [sic] things and put the Model S into the 10’s, we sure hope so!”

That would fit well with the company’s MO to date.

Does anybody with a newer Model S P90D have anything to say about this?

(Tip of the hat to “Local host” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for this.)

Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

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