Tesla Model X vs Top SUVs

How does Tesla’s soon to be released Model X SUV compare, specs wise, to some of the other top models out there?

This wonderful graph below (coming to us via Tesla Motors Club forum member MartinAustin) should give you some basic idea of what can be expected with the Model X’s release… we think.

Tesla Model X SUV comparison chart

Certainly not a bad comparison when looked at from the point of view of Tesla, and of course these numbers are just “conservative guesses” — the Model X could end up surpassing them once released.

The methodology used in the creation of this graph is explained below:

The 4,900lb Model S P85D is a precursor car to the Model X of the same caliber – ie, high power invertor and so on. The S P85D does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, so I was wondering how fast the X P85D may be. Aerodynamics don’t really come into play during standing start acceleration, it’s the mass of the car (aka power to weight ratio). If the Model X weighs 20% more than the Model S, it will have 80% of the acceleration. I think a 5,880lb Model X P85D could accelerate to 60mph in 4.0 seconds.

In this table I’ve priced the Model X P85D at $110,000 because that’s $5K more than the equivalent Model S, per hints from Elon earlier this year I think. Also this price is bereft of any options like Autopilot/Tech Package (so ASP would be higher). I also expect the Model X Wh/mile figure to be lower, but what it’ll be is anyone’s guess. Either way, the Model S is four to six times more frugal with energy, while accelerating faster than all of them.

Interesting. Just another reminder, though, that buyers still have a bit of time left to wait for the Model X.

A bit like dangling some meat in front of a hungry dog, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Overall, this SUV comparison is an interesting one to my eyes. One worth sharing. 🙂

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

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