Tesla Model X SUVs Now Being Delivered To China

China has begun to receive its first Tesla Model Xs, going by new images that recently cropped up on a Chinese discussion forum showing two of the electric SUVs at the Beijing airport cargo terminal.

The two Model X electric vehicles (EVs) are presumably either heading to local Tesla Motors showrooms in order to boost reservations of the model (and likely of the Model 3 as well), or to the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. Well, one would think anyway — maybe they are just heading to a very rich person?

Model x china

The company only began taking orders from Chinese customers about two months ago (the beginning of February), and has previously stated that local deliveries would begin in the second quarter, so who knows.

Teslarati provides more:

The Model X is expected to appeal strongly to Chinese customers because of its advanced “bioweapons defense” climate control system. Many of China’s cities suffer from pervasive smog. As a result, many people in China are acutely conscious of air quality. The Model X may offer them some assurance that they and their family members are breathing clean air.

…Until Tesla begins manufacturing cars in China, it will suffer a competitive disadvantage due to high import duties on foreign cars imported into China. A fully optioned Signature Series Model X will cost the equivalent of $225,000 for a Chinese customer. Elon Musk told CNN during an interview in January that volume sales in China will be dependent upon Tesla manufacturing cars domestically. In a separate interview, he indicated that production of the Model 3 would begin in China in about 3 years. The company is currently looking for the best location for a factory in China and negotiating with prospective local partners.

Model x china

With the Model 3 reveal rapidly nearing, perhaps the speculation alluded to above about the Model Xs heading to showrooms in order to boost Model 3 reservations is true? The company no doubt wants to make a statement as far as reservation numbers go, and China is an extremely populous country.

Image Credits: autohome.com.cn

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  1. I think in the future they will sell very well in China…Or could they be using them as a model to create their own version….MMMMMMM This I ponder..

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