Tesla Model X Reservation Configuration Now Underway In EU

A member on the Tesla Motors Club forum by the name of “Karl-Heinz” recently started a thread noting that Model X configuration in the European Union was now open — following his receipt of a request to configure his reservation.

TM-GE-X90D-baseThat puts the timing of deliveries to the European market right about on schedule, going by earlier comments made by Tesla reps. So the company doesn’t seem to be falling behind its projected timeline.

The forum thread also saw a commenter by the name of “Oyvind.H” note that he recently was given access to the configuration page as well. He also noted that, thanks to the current USD to NOK (Norwegian Krone) exchange rate, he wasn’t sure if he’d confirm or not. The comment was an interesting one so I’m posting it below:

Does it really matter when there’s no X’es in showrooms, no testdrives available, lots of US sigs are still without cars etc? The pressing issue doesn’t seem to be access to configuration, but the ability to deliver.
I got access to the config page yesterday. Of course – the prices are through the roof because of weak NOK vs USD. Not sure whether to cancel or not.
On the plus side:

– The Mode lX is a better 7 seater than the Model S, and we’re in desperate need of a great 7 seater.
– It`s a new model with new features, better space inside the car for people and luggage
– Tow hitch so I can tow a boat a few kilometers every spring and fall, buying large items etc.

The downsides.
– No roofrack option unless you’re using seasucker or similar
– The falcon wing doors
– Brand new model from a company known for poor quality and long service queues (at least compared to german rivals which is the kind of build quality we’re used to here in Europe)
– A bit too big. Won’t fit some parking garages (no biggie)
– Extremely expensive for what I concider a beta car
– Shorter range than the S

Not sure about driving dynamics. I prefer the Model S chassis and height above ground. SUVs are normally way worse to drive, but I see people claim that`s not the case with the X.
That said – I’m pretty sure I’ll end up ordering if I get to see and testdrive the car. Because I’m a weak person 🙂

Interesting that the falcon doors get brought up as much as they do as a potential negative. While I’m not a fan of them myself, I can see them probably being a big selling point for tech industry types and also in the Chinese market (where such features seem to be a strong selling point). They do appear to be quite divisive though.

If they do end up being re-used for the “Model Y,” or some other future Tesla offering, hopefully they are simply one option out of many. A great many people probably would prefer a simpler, more robust design.

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