Tesla Model X Online Configurator Going Live Today?

Going by recent (but now deleted) tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Model X online configurator is slated to go live on the company’s website today.

The new online configurator will reportedly be very similar to the Model S configurator — allowing for the selection of all Model X power train options, battery-pack size options, colors, seat options, etc.

Zach Supersplendulous windshield

Zach Model X

Zach Model X filming

Zach Model X falcon-wing doors

Zach Model X behind

Tesla Model X front seats

Tesla Model X front

Tesla Model X Gene

Tesla Model X middle seats

Tesla Model X side

Tesla Model X front seats door

Tesla Model X front low

Tesla Model X front corner

Tesla Model X black

Norway buddies

Supersplendulous windshiel

Tesla Model X 3rd row seats

Tesla Model X 3rd row

Tesla Model X back seats

Model X

Tesla Model X red 3

Tesla Model X red 2

Tesla Model X Don Max Zach

Tesla Model X Don & Max

While Musk recently responded to a question on Twitter concerning the deleted tweet, and seemingly confirmed that the configurator will go live today — the fact that the tweet was deleted to begin with does make one wonder if things are actually on for today, though.

Green Car Reports provides more info:

The news is that the online configurator for the full array of Model X versions, powertrains, and prices will go live today (Monday, April 11, 2016). As noted by Engadget on Saturday, the first tweet by Musk saying that the configurator would go online today was subsequently deleted. Musk later confirmed in another tweet, however, that the Model X configurator would still go live today.

And some commentary:

As always, however, Tesla doesn’t necessarily produce cars in the order the customers entered their requests. The highest-specification versions, in this case the Model X P90D with the highest-output motors and largest battery pack, come first (after a special limited-edition Founder’s Series to kick off production).

More basic, and hence less expensive models, come later — meaning that a “base” 70D version starting at $80,000 would likely be further down toward the end of the queue.

Tesla Model X Range

Following issues with supplier parts shortages, Tesla is reportedly now producing the Model X SUV at volume — with more than 750 units being produced a week, reportedly.

Top Images by Kyle Field | EV Obsession | CleanTechnica

Bottom Image by Tesla Motors

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