Did The Tesla Model X Get The Highest Possible Crash-Test Ratings In All Categories In Its Class?

There are rumors swirling around the internet currently that crash testing for the Tesla Model X has concluded, and that the electric SUV offering has followed in the footsteps of the Model S to become the highest-rated vehicle in its class.

What to make of the rumor exactly? Considering Tesla’s track record, it certainly sounds credible enough, doesn’t it? But how can one take anything they hear as a rumor on the internet all that seriously?

Model X Signature 6

In this case, the rumor seems to have an ambiguous origin — with it reportedly coming from an unnamed Tesla employee in California. That said, I’m inclined to think that the rumor ends up holding true — whether that’s a matter of the rumor actually being true, or of someone making a lucky guess, I don’t know. (Though, I’m somewhat skeptical of the idea that the testers couldn’t get the Model X to flip and rollover — despite the battery-pack-induced lower center of gravity. But perhaps I’m wrong about this.)

The topic first came to my attention via a recent thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum (thanks “BerTX”), so it’s probably a good idea to post a couple of the interesting comments there:

“FredTMC” commented:

I wonder how the dual motor does vs just rear wheel drive. I’d think that the front motor reduces the crumple zone somewhat. If rumors are true, then my fears are unfounded. I should note that I expect MX to be five star all around, just like MS.

And “kf93” replied:

the front motor doesn’t reduce the crumple zone enough to make a difference. it’s in-line with the axle and still well behind and below where an engine is in a ICE vehicle. With a full set of airbags and the great front crumple zone this isn’t any suprise. The offset test is probably where most cars have the problems with engine intrusion into the passenger compartment.

I guess that we’ll know if there’s truth to this soon enough. I’m getting a bit antsy about the Model X, though, I admit — it’s getting real close now…

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

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