Tesla Model 3’s Shape Revealed?

Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel recently gave a talk at the University of Nevada – Reno where a number of newsworthy comments were made. Amongst the comments though were also a number of slides showing various things.

One of the slides — elaborating on the company’s growth plan over the last few years — shows the silhouette of a car next to the words Model 3. So presumably a silhouette of the Model? Or simply a generic silhouette? A “mule” silhouette, if you will.

Model 3

I’m inclined to think that it’s simply a random silhouette, and doesn’t actually say anything about what the Model 3 will look like, but who knows maybe I’m wrong. Commenter “ratsbew” over on the Tesla Motors Club forum (tip of the hat for catching this) seems to think that the silhouette has a front that looks like one of the new Chrysler Chargers. πŸ™‚ Hmm.

Here are a couple of comments from the forums that seem worth reposting:

“aronth5” noted: “It least now we know black will be one of the colors available. :)”

Probably true enough. πŸ™‚

“Dirkhh” commented:

I did a pixel by pixel enhancement. All three RGB channels are completely evenly distributed. It is therefore black or possibly a very dark gray. Claiming that it’s blue is a clear sign that you are opposed to serious analysis of all mule related data.
I now feel compelled to say something offensive about you. The fact that you are a moderator will not stop me from being obnoxious and way too bought into this whole analysis thing.
So there. Now I told you.

Aside from jokes, “Brick_Top” did note: “seems like something generic just for the presentation. they didn’t even bother to put a current model x image”

That’s actually a good point, and certainly points towards it being a random silhouette. We’ll know fairly soon though, either way — presuming deadlines are kept to, the Model 3 will be unveiled just a few months from now.

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