Tesla Leads Italian EV Market In March; Fiat & Renault Follow

In Italy, the Tesla Model 3 reigned as the best-selling electric vehicle according to the Italian National Union for Foreign Vehicles (UNRAE). UNRAE noted that there were 1,363 Model 3 sold in Italy in March. That number is what pushed Tesla ahead of other electric vehicles. Following Tesla’s lead are the Fiat 500 which sold 1,056 units, Smart Fortwo which sold 759 units, and the Renault brand. In the case of Renault, the Twingo sold 738 units and the Zoe sold 721 units.

Benzinga noted that there has been growth in the EV market due to both state and regional incentives. EV registrations have grown significantly and accounted for 4.3% of the total market in March. Compared with 2019’s number, 0.3%, this is a huge jump.

The article also quickly analyzed year-over-year figures in Italy and noted that March has seen a growth in car registrations overall compared to March of last year. Sales were close to zero last year due to the first lockdown as a result of the pandemic. The data still reflects a decrease of 12.7% compared to March 2019 despite the 18.6% gain shown in February 2021.

Q1 2020 closed with a total of 446,978 newly registered vehicles in Italy, with 28.6% more than the same period of 2020.

Looking over that article, it is clear to see that we are moving forward from the shock of last year’s pandemic and it’s great to see more EVs are being purchased.

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