Tesla Is Dominating The World To Change It For The Better

Tesla is dominating the world to change it for the better for humanity. There are many facets to this gem of a company that reflect the light of its CEO’s heart and soul in many ways. Whether he listens to random ideas on Twitter or helps the children in Flint, Michigan have clean water in their schools and laptops to study with, Elon’s heart is in the right place.



This is why, I believe, that Tesla is dominating and will continue to do so for many, many years. Rewind to late spring, 2018 to when I first got involved with the Tesla community.  I literally had my personal world turned upside down. My heart was broken, and I was lost. It is often when we get lost that we stumble onto the path that helps us better ourselves. They say that when you are at your lowest, there is nowhere to go but up. 



The path that found led me into the world of Elon Musk and the Tesla community. Broken, alone, and emotionally wrecked, I found a community of people who just want to change the world in whatever way they can. 

It was Elon Musk, himself, who told me to “Believe in Good,” and took the time to send an encouraging tweet. Yet, it was this community who helped me rebuild myself into a better, stronger, person. Through writing, creating, and fighting the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that hounded Tesla in 2018, I found myself transforming from a broken soul into a Tesla shareholder and a believer in the good. 



We held on through the worst of the FUD, believing in the good when all seemed bad. Times were dark for Tesla as well. There were some times that seemed as if the company wouldn’t make it. Yet in the faces of the critics, the talking heads yelling, “Elon Musk,” this and “Elon Musk,” that in harsh, jeering tones, Tesla pulled through. 



People asked Elon for help, and he gladly gave it. Then was mocked and bullied for it. However, when one’s heart is pure, it will show in every action they take whether in their personal lives or professional lives. Tesla is a reflection of the heart and soul of Elon Musk, who cared enough about a random person on Twitter to encourage her when she was hurting. 

When one’s heart is in the right place and when they are focused on the signal and not the noise, the results will show. This is what many of Tesla’s supporters kept saying back in 2018. Those supporters embraced me, taught me, and helped me. I learned a lot in 2018 and my path through the broken shards of my heart led me into something that was larger than myself–something that was worth rebuilding myself up for and living for. 



As we move into mid-2020, Tesla is doing many in the media believe is unthinkable and they are simply stunned. Tesla supporters, customers, shareholders, and “stans” as they labeled us all warned them: Tesla will be the world’s most valuable automaker someday and that day is today. 

And Tesla isn’t stopping there. Tesla is dominating the world in order to change it for the better for humanity.  This means that it had to get into many industries. Its path began with electric vehicles–an idea that was silly at the time. Tesla grew into the world’s most valuable automaker by grabbing more than one industry by the hand and saying, “It’s time to evolve,” and doing the hard work in pushing those industries to the limits. 



People don’t understand why so many believe in and love Elon Musk. He never gives up–and the same person who never gives up took the time to encourage me when I was about to give up. Today, I write for CleanTechnica and a couple of other Tesla and SpaceX fan blogs–I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the support of the Tesla community and Tesla’s CEO, who only cares about making the world a better place for everyone.



It’s not the numbers, the sales, the beautiful and tech-savvy EVs, or fart mode. It’s not the rockets of SpaceX, sending American astronauts back into space again, or digging holes to create a better transportation system. It’s not the fact that Tesla is building RNA micro-factories for CureVac and other vaccine makers. 



It is the combination of all of these added with every unique feature of Tesla’s ranging from safety to fun along with the heart and soul of its CEO. Elon Musk wants to make the world a better place and is doing it.


This is why Tesla is the most valuable automaker today. Whether he jokes around with Twitter users with memes,  tells you his favorite mineral, or references your art as a “great product” when sharing how he loved crowdsourcing ideas, Elon Musk cares about his supporters. 



And this is why Tesla will become the most valuable company in all of its industries and the legacy it leaves behind will be one that will be hard to top. You have to put your heart into something for it to be this valuable. 

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