Tesla Investor Saved A Man From Jumping Off A Bridge On The NJ Turnpike

Tesla investor and advocate Mo Stonks saved the life of someone attempting suicide this week. He shared on Twitter that he was still shaking and that the person just tried to end their life by jumping off of the side of a bridge on the New Jersey Turnpike. Mo risked his own life to shut down the highway lanes and to save the person’s life. He shared this on Twitter along with video footage that his wife recorded. 

While he was traveling with his wife and toddler, Mo stopped the car in the middle of the highway and rushed out to the person and told him that he cared for him. He tweeted that he begged him not to jump.

I spoke with Mo through Twitter messaging and he told me that he was in shock due to how quickly everything happened. However, he was willing to share the details of what happened with me. \

“I was driving north on the NJ Turnpike, I was behind a couple of bikers and suddenly they start slowing down, I mean real quick. So I’m like, oh no I don’t want to be stuck in traffic. Then I look up to the bridge that I am approaching and some guy’s on the side of it and was making his way over the barriers to the edge.

“At first I saw a black clothing-like item and I thought maybe he’s up there put up a flag, but then quickly realized he was looking to jump. So I got my car into the middle lane, slowed the traffic down to a standstill, got out, and waved to the oncoming traffic on the highway to slow down to a standstill.

“I then started talking to him and started essentially begging him and pleading with him to come down and that I will do whatever I can to help. Eventually, he turned back and got back onto the main bridge, and then some bystanders in the bridge grappled him to secure him for his own safety whilst they waited for the emergency services.”

Mo told me that there were no police to cordon any of the lanes off and that as soon as the man was safely secured, he had to open up the highway for the traffic to flow. He did speak with some of the bystanders and got confirmation that the man was safe and secured before he left the destination.

Mo, who owns quite a bit of Tesla stock, told me that he plans on getting a Tesla soon–preferably a Cybertruck or a loaded Model Y. Mo is an advocate for Tesla and is pretty well known in the Tesla community–this is how I came across his story was through the community. And I know from experience how powerful this community is–advocating for humanity, clean air, and EVs.

Life is precious and sometimes we go through things that leave us feeling that the only solution is to no longer be here. I believe in fate. If you are fated to be here then God, the universe, or whatever forces you believe in will make it known that it is not your time and with my own past in mind, this speaks clearly to me that this was definitely fated. The gentleman was meant to live.

Hopefully, he will pull through whatever his struggles are. As a Twitter user, @TeslaDisruption put it, Mo changed the destiny for a man and his family.

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