Tesla Giga Texas Is Blossoming Like A Spring Flower $tsla

The Tesla Owners Club of Austin is keeping everyone updated with the progress of Tesla’s newest manufacturing site in Texas, Giga Texas. The progress is documented daily by a group known as the Quad Squad.

The squad is made up of four drone pilots who fly their drones with cameras over the Giga Texas construction site. Permission from Elon Musk was granted for this and the gentlemen have provided a lens for the world to watch this budding Gigafactory blossom. You can learn more about the Quad Squad here.

The tweet above shows the latest updates. Yesterday, the Tesla Owners Club of Austin shared incredible sky views that were captured by Jeff Roberts, followed by three more closer views of Giga Texas. That green stands out against the Texas dirt and the progress is clearly visible from the sky.

Gail Alfar, who runs the Tesla Owners Club of Austin Twitter account also monitors the daily drone video footage of Giga Texas, and when she receives a picture of Giga Texas in real-time while the drones are still in the air, she tweets them out immediately. She shared her thoughts with me about the photo below.

Photo credit: JoeTegtmeyer; used with permission.

“Today, I noticed a tent that was put up on the far east side. There was of course more land being cleared, and also progress on walls, roofing, and more concrete being poured. There are constant deliveries of what I assume are robots for the inside of the factory, but I can’t see those because they are encased in crates or covered with plastic,” Gail told me.

Although it’s not fully built, you can clearly see the progress since construction started back in the summer of last year. Soon, this immortal flower of a Gigafactory will be producing the Cybertruck, Tesla Semi, and both the Model 3 and Model Y for residents on the East Coast.

“I monitor the progress because I have been fascinated by large-scale construction my entire life. To quote Elon Musk ‘I believe this factory will be an asskicker!'” she said. I agree with them both.

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