Tesla Firmware Update 8.0 Bringing Big Changes

Tesla’s soon-to-be-released over-the-air firmware update 8.0 will upgrade the Autopilot function so as to allow autonomous highway exiting, and overall improved Autosteering and traffic awareness as well, according to recent reports.

The company has apparently referred to the upcoming update — which will include other changes in addition to those noted above — as the biggest since the launch of the Model S. Firmware 8.0 is currently in beta testing.


Interestingly, the Autopilot interface located on the dash will also “better display where surrounding traffic is coming from.” In addition, the voice command feature will be upgraded significantly — the interface will now display your commands in real-time in dash, letting one see exactly how the system has heard and interpreted them.

Autoblog continues, noting that, “one of the most notable updates will be to the navigation system. The system will now offer features available in some competitors, like toll-avoidance and alternative-route options. The system will also allow route modification based on the vehicle’s remaining range. Like always, the system will be able to guide drivers to available Supercharger stations.”


Of note as well, Spotify is apparently not be coming to US owners as of yet, while European owners will have access.

Exciting changes, even if a pallor is now on the update as a result of the recent, fatal Autopilot accident. On that count, the autonomous driving firm Mobileye (which often works with Tesla) has revealed that, while current systems don’t allow for auto-braking when cross-traffic accidents are a threat, that the company’s systems will be capable of this function by 2018.

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    1. This is why they have tech testing and beta releases to ensure these events are as rare as possible and our roads are safer while vehicles are moving. The US has a problem when vehicles stop and humans interact – especially if one or more parties has a gun!!!!!

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