Tesla Fan & TSLA Investor Morgan Freeman Launched His Acting Career Via Kids’ Show Called “The Electric Company”

We occasionally link to TeslaMondo or repost its articles here at EV Obsession for a variety of reasons … but often owing to the signature sense of humor that accompanies the posts and gets a good laugh or smile.

A case in point on the matter was this recent post: “How did the press miss the fact that today’s Tesla evangelist, Morgan Freeman, launched his acting career via a kids’ TV show called The Electric Company? Why does TeslaMondo have to be the one to point out life’s kitschy coincidences?”

Who knows? Probably mostly because the mainstream media makes next to no effort to cover electric vehicles (EVs). And, if it weren’t for Tesla, probably wouldn’t cover EVs at all. I guess that we should thank Tesla, and Elon Musk, and JB Straubel, and Franz, a number of times for pushing the market forward.

Here’s a video to help further explaining what stimulated the TeslaMondo post.

Before leaving this as is, I want to also draw attention to one of the comments left on the recent post, by someone named “Timmy,” who noted that: “And a ‘Morgan’ was a type of horse, as in horsepow…er, I mean kilowatts.”

A good point. Now we know that there was no other choice but for Freeman to be a fan of Tesla and electric cars. What else could have happened? It was fate.

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