Tesla Employees Celebrating Model X Launch Captured In Candid Video

The launch of the Tesla Model X was quite a bit of fun for those who cover the electric vehicle industry. Given the amount of hype and goodwill (and hate) that Tesla has managed to generate over these last few years since the launch of the Roadster sports car, this should not come as a surprise.

What may come as a bit more of a surprise (well perhaps not a surprise, but a smile-inducer), is that many Tesla employees were as enthusiastic about the launch as the Tesla fanboys out there. I mean, celebration of one sort or other is to be expected, but genuine candid enthusiasm?

On that note, the video below shows exactly that — employees at the Yorkdale-Toronto Store showing some real enthusiasm during the Model X launch.

The video, coming to us via Teslarati, was summed up thusly by the folks over there:

Tesla has received numerous awards for having the highest owner satisfaction rating of any car brand. With its legion of die-hard Tesla owners, fanboys and Elon Musk worshippers that have catapulted Tesla into a global market smitten by every move the company makes, it might come as no surprise that employees of the company are no different and just as fanatical.

The following video comes to us from a tipster which shows the passion and support from Tesla employees of the Yorkdale, Toronto Store as they gather to celebrate the Model X launch event. Cruising around on a 2 wheel electric powerboard scooter while Queen’s “Mama” plays in the background, the enthusiastic bunch of employees are a true testament to how Tesla has been able to excel worldwide in building deep and meaningful connections with its owners and staff.

Queen, huh? Seems fitting in a way.

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