Tesla Employee “Elon Asked Me If I Wanted To Take A Pic”

In a post on Imgur, user Olimonster864 posted a photo of himself with Elon Musk at the Tesla Fremont Factory captioned: “Elon asked me if I wanted to take a pic??” In the caption, he says that he had worked for Tesla for 9 months and considered himself lucky. He ran into Elon a few times and when he stopped to thank him for the amazing opportunity to work at the plant and explore California, Elon asked if he wanted a photo.

Elon asked me if I wanted to take a pic??

One of the commenters asked an important question. This question is important due to all the FUD around Tesla’s working conditions and claims that employees are treated badly. ReggaeManyo1 asked, “Honest question: with all the critique that surrounds the Tesla factory, how did you experience your stay there?” Olimonster864 replied, “This was a few months ago but it was amazing. All plants have issues but they work through the issues.” This is true for any job. Ruven replied also saying that they “worked at the Gigafactory for 8 months. I did hazardous waste and it was one of the best places to work. Lots of hours and great benefits.”

There were a few comments that discussed how tired or rough the gentlemen looked, but in all honesty, building cars can be a dirty job. It’s actual work, especially when it comes to the mechanical parts of the body. It’s really a good thing that this happened, because it shows just how much people love working for Tesla as well as working with and for Elon Musk. He inspires many people, and Tesla is one way he is making an impact on this planet.

As an unrelated side note, that jacket he is wearing is pretty cool.

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