Tesla China’s “Tesla Speed” & How America Can Learn From It

Tesla China’s Vice President of Foreign Affairs, Tao Lin, talks about “Tesla Speed” in an interview with Xinhua News Agency. She says Gigafactory 3 is expected to refresh “Tesla Speed.” In the interview, Lin said, “The anti-epidemic experience from China is being exported to the United States, and it has become a model for the newly resumed U.S. factory.”

She also noted that the Shangahi “super factory,” the ramp, and the construction of the second phase of the factory are progressing smoothly. The new Model Y is planned to be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2021 and will be using “Tesla speed” to do so.

Lin said that the construction of the second phase will be finished by the end of 2020. She emphasized just how Tesla and the Chinese government worked closely together to explore various anti-epidemic experiences. These experiences will also be provided to the new port area of the free trade zone where Giga 3 is located and will also apply to those going back to work.

“How to isolate employees returning from the field? How can employees reduce close contacts while completing their work? These experiences are written in Tesla’s Chinese Operation Manual,” Lin said. This manual was also created to support the American factories as well.

Tao Lin also pointed out that Tesla had a strong internet gene and that its test drives, sales, and other links are moving to online. She also noted that offline experience centers carry more experience functions for new products and ideas. “Next, Tesla’s experience center will move toward new cities based on the expansion of customer bases in different cities.”

My 2.5¢

I really think that from a business-government relationship standpoint that America can learn a lot from Tesla’s relationship with China. If you look at just how the two entities worked together instead of against one another, you can see that America could learn a few things.

In America, we have layers to our governments–originally created to protect our nation. There’s Federal, State, and Local. When these three are at odds with one another, as with what happened in California with the reopening of the Fremont factory, chaos reigns.

Unlike with China, our media played the role of a paid instigator that mocked Elon Musk, Telsa, and shut down any type of defense or completely ignored facts that were presented.  Facts such as Tesla’s Getting Back To Work publication.

Instead of creating unnecessary drama, our media should have done its homework.  It used clickbait-style headlines to trigger the emotions of politicians, writers, and other verified Twitter users. Many took to the platform to rant about how awful Tesla is without doing their own research. Their only evidence was a psychologically written headline that was done so to create shares and clicks–revenue.

Observe and notice the professionalism, cooperation, and speed of how Tesla quickly excelled in China. When working with China, Tesla did this brilliantly. We saw the speed of the Shanghai factory being built along with an entire nation embracing an American brand–right in the middle of a politicized trade war. Sadly, our own media dogged Elon Musk and Tesla by claiming it was just a field of mud.

Here in the U.S., there are constant attacks on both Elon Musk and Tesla, from both members of the media and government officials who take to Twitter to say “F*ck Elon Musk.”  I think that Tesla’s success in China is based on teamwork between the government, media, and Tesla and those of us here in American would love to see that happen here. Why? It’s not just about money. As a shareholder, I get the money angle–but I didn’t invest to make cash. I invested because I believe in Tesla’s mission.


Tesla wants to accelerate our transition to sustainable energy. It wants to stop using fossil fuels and replace that with solar, battery, and clean energy whether you are driving or watching TV at home. This is why cooperation between the government, media, and Tesla is vital. It works for China. It could work for us.

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