Warwick University Manufacturing Professor: Dyson Could Follow Tesla’s Rapid-Growth EV Path

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The UK-based company Dyson could follow in Tesla’s footsteps with regard to rapid growth in the electric vehicle sector, according to a professor of energy storage at Warwick University’s manufacturing group. We’ve […]

ARPA-E Awards $3 Million To New Solid-State Sodium Battery Development Project

A new solid-state sodium battery development project being worked on by researchers at Iowa State University (amongst others) was recently awarded $3 million in new funding via ARPA-E’s 2015 OPEN funding initiative, according to recent reports. […]

Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Developed To Reduce Internal Resistance, Improve Charge-Discharge Performance

A new technology that reduces the internal resistance of solid-state lithium-ion batteries, and thereby improves charge-discharge performance, has been developed by researchers from Hitachi and Tohoku University’s Advanced Institute for Material Research. The new technology utilizes […]

ARPA-E Selects 2 Ceramic Electrolyte Solid-State Battery Projects For $6.6 Million Award

A total of $6.6 million in new funding has been awarded by ARPA-E to two projects currently working to develop manufacturing techniques for ceramic electrolytes for solid-state electric vehicle batteries, as part of a new 2015 […]

Bosch Shows Off Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries At Frankfurt Motor Show, Claims Production Ready In 5 Years

Bosch has been showing off its current solid-state, lithium-ion battery concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, according to recent reports, claiming that the new solid-state battery cells could double energy density, while actually lowering costs, not […]