T-Mobile Tuesdays Gave Away A Tesla Model 3 Long Range And $22,000

Every Tuesday, T-Mobile gives prizes away to its customers. As a T-Mobile customer, I’d forgotten about this until I saw this week’s prize in my Twitter feed. So I didn’t get a chance to enter to win–but it’s okay since I’m holding out for the Cybertruck.

Although T-Mobile hasn’t announced the winner of its latest prize, a Tesla Model 3 and $22,410 to cover the taxes, the sweepstakes closed at 4:59 Eastern Time this morning. The winner would get to choose the color of their Model 3 and it would come with dual motor all-wheel-drive, standard wheels, standard interior, and Autopilot. The prize covered the order fee, destination, and doc fee, ARV: $52,290, and a check for $22,10 that the winner will be able to use toward taxes and other expenses. The total worth of the prize is a sweet $74,700.

T-Mobile isn’t the only company to give away Teslas. In June, TheHustle held a giveaway. It was a month-long promotion and active subscribers were automatically entered. Subscription to The Hustle is free and there were options to earn additional entries through referrals. The Grand Prize was a Tesla Model 3 Standard with rear-wheel drive, pearl white paint, 18 inch Aero wheels, all black partial premium interior, and Autopilot. The total value of the prize was a choice of the Model 3 ($39,990) or $25,00 cash.

If it wasn’t for the persistence of the President of The Hustle, the winner may not have gotten his prize.  The president emailed the winner, Ryan O., a salesman living in Missouri, and invited him to participate in a subscriber interview. The email was a ruse but Ryan thought it was a mass email and deleted it. The following day, Ryan received another email and deleted that one as well. After receiving the third email, he gave in. “I said, I’m swamped this week, I can jump on with you next week if you have time.”  The president convinced him saying, “It’ll just take 5 minutes.”

When Ryan logged into the Zoom call, they told him that he was the winner and he was shocked. He didn’t even know about the giveaway even though he reads the magazine regularly. “As I was talking, I just Googled ‘The Hustle raffle’ to make sure that it was real,” Ryan said. Ryan’s previous vehicle was a 2011 Honda with 227,000 miles on it, so this was welcome news, indeed.

Win A Model X Ludicrous Mode

DreamGiveaway is currently holding a promotion to give away a 2020 Tesla Model X along with $32,000 to help cover the taxes. The prize comes with Ludicrous Mode and Autopilot and goes from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. All they ask you to do is to make a donation to help veterans and children and you can donate for as little as $3.00. The brand new Model X also has premium upgrades that include custom exterior and interior LED lighting, a five-way lowering kit, 22-inch Onyx Black wheels, black and white premium interior with carbon fiber décor, and specially selected wheels and tires. The prize also includes a Tesla home charger so you can charge at home.  The value of the prize is over $120,000.  The deadline for this giveaway is December 1, 2020.

The organization  sponsoring the giveaway is New Beginning Children’s Homes, which is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to provide homes that are safe and faith-centered where families can heal, grow, and be loved on during their time of need. The shelter helps families through transitional living, ministry focused internship, and community foster family support.  Some of the services the nonprofit provides help families with food and families that are dealing with homelessness.

The money collected from the drawing will go to benefit these other nonprofit charities:

  1. Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
  2. Honor Flight of West Central Florida (helping veterans).
  3. 4 Kids.
  4. National Guard Educational Foundation.
  5. Smile Network International.
  6. Detroit Rescue Mission. Bright Pink.

Having been homeless before as a child, in my teens, and on and off throughout my young adult life, I have a soft spot for those who help people who have been where I have been.  Charities often are the only light for many people who are lost and feeling hopeless. With Covid-19, many nonprofits are struggling today just to stay alive–giveaways such as these make a difference and encourage people to donate in hopes of winning a prize. Whether or not you win, you do make a difference.

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