Suzuki Open To Joining Toyota-Mazda-Denso Electric Vehicle Joint Venture, President Says

Suzuki Motor Corp is open to joining the new Toyota-Mazda-Denso joint venture focused on plug-in electric vehicles and associated tech, the company’s president Toshihiro Suzuki has revealed.

The comments were made to reporters as part of a broader discussion that included the statement that Suzuki was looking to cooperate with other firms on the development of plug-in electric vehicles and associated tech “wherever possible,” as reported by Reuters. That statement includes the development of electric vehicle battery tech.

Other interesting comments included the statement that sales in India remained solid but that execs at the company were concerned that they might be “caught flat footed” (again, the wording used by Reuters) if plug-in electric vehicle sales were to suddenly surge rapidly there.

Notably, a sudden surge in the market share held by plug-in electric vehicles in India at some point in the relatively near future is a real possibility, presuming serious incentives are implemented.

While it’s still very unclear what will happen in India over coming years as regards electric vehicles, the situation is certainly worth keeping an eye on. The top auto manufacturers in the country could certainly be displaced by other firms if the revolution moves forward and they don’t. For more on that possibility and future prospects for EVs in India, see: India’s Largest Auto Manufacturer Commits To Electric Vehicles, But Offers No Timelines.

For another story on this joint venture, see: “Subaru Open To Investment Into Toyota–Mazda EV Company” and “Toyota + Mazda + Denso Joint Venture To Develop EV Tech.”

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One thought on “Suzuki Open To Joining Toyota-Mazda-Denso Electric Vehicle Joint Venture, President Says

  1. LOL.

    Looks like the other Japanese manufacturers have realised they don’t have a product for a rapidly expanding market segment…

    … to busy with H2 or just stuck in the mud?

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