SunLine Transit Agency Adds First All-Electric Buses To Its Fleet

SunLine Transit Agency in California — a transit agency serving over 3.5 million people annually in the Coachella Valley — has added its first all-electric buses to its fleet.

The new electric buses — which have been in use via a testing program by the transit agency since January — are 40-footers provided by the leading electric bus firm BYD. The buses have seating for up to 35 passengers, and can accommodate more than 60 standing passengers.

Electric bus

The buses feature BYD-produced iron-phosphate batteries — each with around 324 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of stored electricity. The batteries are guaranteed by BYD with a 12-year warranty. Typical bus operation results in the batteries providing up to 155 miles of urban travel. Recharging reportedly only takes ~4 hours.

“I’m proud that SunLine Transit has taken this step to add our first all-electric bus to the fleet,” stated Lauren Skiver, general manager of SunLine Transit Agency. “BYD has demonstrated that its electric bus technology is reliable and can meet the needs SunLine has for service routes. Additionally, SunLine will begin to see a returns rather on its investment with cost savings over the lifetime of the bus.”

“SunLine Transit has shown great leadership in expanding its fleet with alternative fuel options, and we are pleased to serve as their technology partner by providing their first all-electric buses,” commented Macy Neshati, vice president of Coach and Bus for BYD. “Our BYD electric buses provide a multitude of benefits from reduced operational costs, including significant fuel savings, cleaner air due to no tailpipe emissions, and less noise pollution, making for a more comfortable ride for both bus operator and passenger.”

More information can be found here.

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