Subaquatic Tesla Cybertruck Sighting … Maybe

In the vein of the original Bond vision of an angular submarine supercar, the Tesla Cybertruck now appears to be a seafaring vehicle, at least according to a recent sighting by Twitter user @Supermantibody/The Tesladorian:

With this water-floating cyber ability, even I am beginning to think of one. I’ve lived on a houseboat and miss the lapping of the waves continually moving me.

More seriously, yesterday, I enjoyed a conversation with the youngest person I’ve met yet who is intent on owning a Cybertruck. He helped me find my missing scarf, lost next to his father’s electric car. It seems Elon Musk and Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen have tapped in once again to the culture’s appetite for fresh, stylish electric vehicles.

The boy’s father is an active EV owner in his community. He encouraged his small city to put in more chargers. So, the younger one dreaming of a Cybertruck is surely educated, though quite young for it. His father wants a Model 3, but his son is certain of his style — set on the mystery of that beautiful triangular Cybertruck.

He is surely not the only one intrigued by the Cybertruck. Any spy shot of the Cybertruck is a good one.

It is nice for so many to have an inspired, positive focus with this Tesla Cybertruck. It is a note of positivity for the young who are happy in the quickened hope of change from fossil fuels.

I wonder what these superheroes will do with a Cybertruck:

They hold their meetings in trees and Model 3s of late. In this take, they are deciding if they could all sleep comfortably in a Model 3 while on a mission.

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