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Spiffy Partners with SparkCharge to Deliver On-Demand EV Charging

Bypassing limitations of electric vehicle infrastructure makes ownership more accessible 

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Get  Spiffy, Inc. (Spiffy), an on-demand car care, technology, and services company, today announced a  partnership with SparkCharge to deliver on-demand electric vehicle charging. 

The Roadie portable charging system by SparkChargefights the problem of lack of EV charging infrastructure and gives people the freedom to charge where and when they want. The system is a  Level 3 ultrafast charger, capable of delivering 1 mile every 60 seconds. That’s up to 8x faster than most wired chargers. 

For some, this eliminates “range anxiety” standing in the way of buying an electric vehicle. For others,  the Roadie offers a solution when the worst happens and you find yourself broken down on the side of the road. 

That’s where Spiffy comes in. People can choose Spiffy on-demand charging in the BoostEV app by  SparkCharge or directly in the Spiffy app. 

We are always looking for partners in our mission to disrupt the automotive industry. The  SparkCharge team is addressing a huge barrier to EV adoption through modular portable charging,  and we are thrilled to be on that journey with them,” said Spiffy CEO, Scot Wingo, “There’s a clear  connection between our delivery of car care when and where you want it and the Roadie promise of  EV charging where and when you need it.” 

Electric vehicles are one of the megatrends driving automotive change in Wingo’s Vehicle 2.0 model,  which also includes connectivity, autonomy, and changing ownership models. While EVs are the  fastest moving piece of that puzzle, infrastructure limitations always stand in the way of meaningful  progress. 

Removing the hurdles of owning and driving an electric vehicle is fundamental to SparkCharge. We  want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles on a global scale to create a cleaner, healthier,  safer, and more sustainable world,” said SparkCharge CEO, Josh Aviv, “We are excited to welcome  Spiffy into the BoostEV network and partner with them to deliver on-demand charging.”

Spiffy on-demand charging is now piloting in the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta metro areas.  Download the app to learn more today. 

About Spiffy 

Spiffy®(www.getspiffy.com) is an on-demand technology and services company with the mission to disrupt the car care experience everywhere. Spiffy offers a variety of zero contact hand car washing,  advanced detailing, and disinfection services for vehicles and facilities, in addition to the oil change, tires,  and other maintenance service options. Customers can schedule in less than two minutes with the  Spiffy app. Every service is conveniently performed on-site at fleets, office parks, and residences using the Spiffy Green™ system that is the eco-friendliest way to service a vehicle. 

Spiffy is available in cities and metro areas including Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth,  Denver, Dover, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Orlando, Palm Springs,  Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, St. Louis,  Tampa, Tucson, and Washington DC. 

About SparkCharge 

SparkCharge® is focused on ending “range anxiety,” the biggest hurdle for EV adoption. Worrying about running out of charge goes away when the charge can be brought to you. We have created a  portable, ultra-fast EV charging system, that can make any location a charging station. 

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