SPI Energy Expands Internet-Based EV Rental Business Into China’s Hebei Province

Beijing Yiwei New Energy Technology Development Company, a majority-owned subsidiary of SPI Energy Company, has expanded its popular internet-based electric vehicle rental business into the northeastern Chinese province of Hebei.

To be specific, the company has expanded into the populous city of Tangshan. The internet-based electric vehicle (EV) rental service provider already maintains a presence in the cities of Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hainan.

SPI Solar

“We are pleased to see the further expansion of Yiwei’s business along with the exploding popularity of EV cars in China,” stated Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman and CEO of SPI Energy. “Car sharing technology and EVs are playing an important role in combatting pollution and congestion on China’s roads. With Yiwei’s high quality fleet of EVs and Solarbao.com’s innovative e-commerce platform, SPI Energy is well positioned to benefit from the evolving transportation system in the world’s largest car market.”

The press release from the company provides a bit more, and some background on the company:

SPI Energy closed its investment of RMB30 million for a 60% stake in Yiwei in January 2016 and is leveraging its Solarbao.com platform to help Yiwei expand its existing fleet of EVs and EV chargers in China. Users can book the EVs through Yiwei’s website or mobile app.

…SPI Energy Company is a global provider of photovoltaic (PV) solutions for business, residential, government and utility customers and investors. SPI Energy focuses on the downstream PV market including the development, financing, installation, operation and sale of utility-scale and residential solar power projects in China, Japan, Europe and North America. The Company operates an innovative online energy e-commerce and investment platform, www.solarbao.com, which enables individual and institutional investors to purchase innovative PV-based investment and other products; as well as www.solartao.com, a B2B e-commerce platform offering a range of PV products for both upstream and downstream suppliers and customers. The Company has its operating headquarters in Shanghai and maintains global operations in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

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