Solectrac Launches Reservation Program for its All-Electric Tractors

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Feb. 22, 2021 As demand has grown quickly for Solectrac’s first to market all-electric tractors, the company announced its new reservation campaign. With a $1000 deposit, reduced from fifty percent of the total cost, customers can now reserve their place in the productions line.

“We’ve decided to decrease the initial deposit to allow customers to express their interest and intent. This is good for our customers and good for our production line,” said Steve Heckeroth, CEO/Founder.

Solectrac Inc., North America’s first manufacturer and distributor of quiet, zero emission electric tractors came to the attention of the marketplace last year with their very successful crowdfunding campaign, followed by double investments from Ideanomics. Solectrac has since grown their manufacturing capabilities to ramp up production and meet demand while pursuing their long-term goal to reduce carbon output in farming and utility work.

Solectrac is taking reservations for its 40 HP-equivalent eUtility tractor and the 4-wheel drive 30 HP-equivalent compact electric tractor (CET). Both tractors are built to outperform their diesel counterparts by eliminating exhaust and noise and with the benefit of instant torque at low RPM.  Solectrac tractors accommodate existing implements and are perfectly suited for farm and utility operations, as well as in livestock and equestrian environments where noise is an important consideration. Additionally, the low noise level and absence of exhaust makes electric tractors desirable in any environment by improving workers’ health and safety.

Solectrac’s electric tractors can be charged either from the utility grid or from renewable energy, like solar and wind. Electricity is cheaper than diesel fuel and Solectrac tractors only have one moving part in the motor. Consequently, maintenance and fuel cost over the lifetime of the electric tractor is estimated to be one-third that of a diesel tractor. Using solar or wind energy in the charging infrastructure completely eliminates fossil fuel inputs thereby reducing the users’ carbon footprint and helping meet climate goals.

In 2019 Solectrac became a California Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp “to use business as a force for good.” The company is also the recipient of the World Alliance’s Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label. Through the World Alliance the Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting 1,000 of the most efficient and profitable solutions that can transition society to being economically viable while being environmentally sustainable.

Reservations are open now on Solectrac’s website

Quiet zero emission power in the field – The eUtility tractor can be charged from renewable energy or the electrical grid.


Image courtesy of Solectrac, Inc.

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