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Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric

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Solaris’ Latest Intercity E-Bus Being Trialled in Norway

Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric
The Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus, i. e. the newest vehicle in Solaris’s zero-emission portfolio, is currently being tested by carriers in various Norwegian towns and cities. The bus, unveiled in October last year, will be shown off to both drivers and passengers. The tests in Norway are to be completed by the end of March.

On 20 October 2020, during a worldwide launch in a unique online setting, Solaris unveiled its latest state-of-the-art product. The zero-emission, low-entry 15-metre vehicle is the first electric bus made by Solaris to be designed both for city and intercity routes. Currently, the Solaris Urbino 15 LE is undergoing tests in a few Norwegian cities and towns. Operators interested in the vehicle will be able to familiarise themselves with a wide array of technical solutions and other features and amenities deployed in it. The tests in Norway are to be completed by the end of March.

The bus will be demonstrated to carriers from Oslo and its surrounding areas. Next, the qualities of the vehicle will be explored by the residents of the city of Kristiansand. As for the recharging of batteries, the Urbino 15 LE electric bus will use the infrastructure already existing in the towns and cities in question: pantograph and plug-in charging stations available both in depots and on routes.

A particularly invaluable part of the trials will be testing the buses while operating on lines, with the participation of drivers and passengers. Solaris will be thus able to gather direct feedback from target groups that are actual bus users. The drivers who will test the Urbino 15 LE electric drive buses in their everyday work on long, suburban routes.

Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric

– “To be able to have the bus present in Norway as the first country to show our new product, is simply amazing. A lot of work has been accomplished, both with eager clients and the great team in our factory to create our new product of our 15m bus. Pure electric! Since we are a customer oriented company and feedbacks are important to us, I can’t wait to have the bus on the road showing it to clients, operators, drivers, passengers and media in our country. I’m in electric mode, with a big excitement together with my team in Solaris Norge AS” – said Sverre Skaar, Managing Director of Solaris Norge AS.

It is not without reason that Norway has been selected as a test site for the latest Solaris e-bus. The first two Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric units were made mainly with Scandinavian operators in mind. The bus that is being demonstrated features special solutions compliant with Busnordic norms and the so-called Scandinavian package. Bearing in mind the tough climate conditions, the designers have made sure that both thermal, and travel, comfort are ensured during rides. Vehicles of this type may boast other features that facilitate their operation in difficult conditions – for instance extra high beams, a sanding system, or a compartment for snow chains.

Images courtesy of Solaris

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