Route 55 — Volvo Shows Off Electric Buses In New Short Film

A new short film from Volvo showcasing the many advantages of electric buses — dubbed “Route 55” — was recently unveiled. For those who don’t know, Volvo is currently involved in the ElectriCity Project, an electric bus pilot program in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Hence the new short film showing off some of the potential of electric buses.

“The buses will open up entirely new opportunities in urban planning. The buses are able to drive indoors and collect passengers at locations that are currently off-limit for buses. The silent, electric motor creates a comfortable environment and this film is intended to demonstrate, in a light-hearted and engaging way, the important role a silent bus could play in one of life’s small but important moments,” noted Volvo Group PR Manager Karin Wik.

For some more information on the new “short film,” photographer Henrik Hjort handled the actual filming; and the “Award-winning documentary film makers” John Boisen and Björn Fävremark are the ones behind the manuscript and direction.

With regard to why the short was made, Karin Wik noted: “Buses are made for people and that’s why we wanted to make a film that focuses particularly on the human aspect.” (Ah, the human side of cleantech….)

More information on the new electric bus program in Gothenburg, Sweden, can be found here.

Those interested in more information on those behind the new short film can find it below:

Producer: Robert Danielsson, Chinook film
Writers/directors: John Boisen and Björn Fävremark, Is this it
Photography: Henrik Hjort, Chinook film
Sound: Anders Kwarmark
Sound design: Martin Janson

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