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Rising NFL Star Jordan Norwood Shows Off His Tesla Model S

Originally published on EV Annex.
By Matt Pressman

You may recall NFL rising star Jordan Norwood from this year’s Super Bowl. In Super Bowl 50, Norwood set a Super Bowl record for the longest punt return at 61 yards. The return set up a field goal that put the Denver Broncos up 13-7. The Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 to give Norwood his first Super Bowl win. Clearly, Norwood likes to run fast — it’s no wonder he drives a Tesla Model S.

Above: Norwood talks Tesla (Source: Denver Broncos*)

On a recent episode of Ridin’ with the Broncos*, the team showcases, “Wide receiver Jordan Norwood [who] takes us on a tour of his car, the Tesla Model S, and [he] shows us why this car is a perfect match for his personality.” So what does Norwood think of his Model S? He was drawn to the huge center stack touchscreen and describes himself as a “techy-type of guy.” He says the tech in the Model S is “out of this world.”

Norwood shows off the front trunk (frunk) but admits that he actually forgets that it’s even there. He says he’s saved about $200 a month on gas versus when he had his truck. So what’s his favorite thing about the Tesla Model S? He admits, “I would say the coolest feature is just how quick it is. It’s silent and quick. And it’s cool to ride up on somebody and they don’t even know you’re next to them.”

Above: Norwood’s Model S configured in Titanium Metallic (Instagram: @antonwatts)

Norwood joins a long list of professional athletes who proudly own a Tesla. Other NFL players who also own a Tesla include New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. In the NBA, Tesla owners include two-time MVP Steve Nash, five-time All-Star Blake Griffin, Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordan Daniel HaywardLaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trail Blazers, and superstar Steph Curry who was recently spotted in his Tesla Model X on his wife’s Instagram. And it’s not just football and basketball stars, BMX legend Mat Hoffman and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk own a Tesla Model S too. Check out a few of these pro athletes caught on camera with their Tesla…

From top to bottom: NBA superstar Steph Curry with his family in their Tesla Model X (Instagram: @ayeshacurry); BMX legend Mat Hoffman with his family’s Model S (Source: ESPN); Blake Griffin hits the gas station in his Model S for a quick window wash (Source: AutoEvolution); Tony Hawk and his Tesla (Source: Al & Ed’s Autosound West Hollywood)

In any event, it’s good to see professional athletes like Jordan Norwood proudly showing off their Tesla. Sports stars may soon outnumber Hollywood celebrities when it comes to Tesla ownership… wait — then again, maybe not.


*Source: Denver Broncos

Reprinted with permission.

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