Panasonic Creating New Joint Venture To Build Lithium-Ion Batteries In China

A new joint venture between Panasonic Corporation and Dalian Levear Electric Company has been created with the intent to manufacture lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries in China, according to recent reports.

Panasonic logo

The new joint venture will make use of Panasonic’s technical know-how and Dalian Levear Electric Company’s local knowledge — with the intent being to begin production sometime in 2017, following on the acquisition of support from local authorities.

Considering that Panasonic is still investing heavily into the “Tesla” lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in Nevada, and a number of other similar moves, it seems apparent that the company is betting big on lithium-ion batteries — with the stated aim being for ¥2.1 trillion (~US$18 billion) in sales in the automotive sector in 2019. This figure includes technologies other than just lithium-ion batteries, it should be noted.

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