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NIO Launches the 100 kWh Battery with Flexible Battery Upgrade Plans

  • The 100 kWh battery features thermal propagation prevention, highly integrated design, all climate thermal management and the bi-directional cloud BMS
  • The battery upgrade plan benefits all NIO users with flexible monthly or yearly upgrade options for better affordability
  • Bettered Battery as a Service BaaS with battery subscription for 100 kWh battery

On November 6, 2020, NIO announced the launch of its 100 kWh battery together with battery upgrade plans.

NIO has always been committed to the R&D and innovation in battery technology. With over 300 patents filed and gained, the 100 kWh battery features the CTP (cell to pack) technology, realizing 37% higher energy density. Powered by the 100 kWh battery, the NEDC range of NIO models can now reach up to 615 km. The excellent performance of the 100 kWh battery is underpinned by four technological improvements: better thermal runaway management thanks to the thermal propagation prevention design; the highly integrated design that streamlines the manufacturing by 40% and improves space utilization by 19.8%; the all-climate thermal management that improves the performance and extends the lifetime of the battery; and the end-cloud bi-directional communication BMS that supports smart parameter adjustments based on work conditions to improve the battery’s performance under all conditions.

NIO models with the 100 kWh battery will be available for pre-order starting November 7, 2020. Users of the 70 kWh battery can choose to either purchase the new battery for a permanent upgrade, or flexibly upgrade to it for RMB 880 per month or RMB 7,980 per year. The flexible monthly and yearly battery upgrade is a bold innovation by NIO to cater to users’ diverse travel needs in different scenarios.

Prior to the 100 kWh battery, NIO had already launched BaaS for the 70 kWh battery. Users who choose a NIO model with BaaS do not need to buy the battery, instead, they can subscribe to batteries of different capacity and pay the battery fee on a monthly basis in accordance with their actual needs. Users who buy a NIO car with the 70 kWh battery with BaaS can immediately enjoy RMB 70,000 off the price and only RMB 980 per month for the battery subscription. For the purchase of a NIO car with the 100 kWh battery with BaaS, RMB 128,000 will be reduced from the car price with a monthly battery subscription fee of RMB 1,480 per month.

As of today, NIO has already deployed 158 battery swap stations nationwide. Together, they have served users with over 1.18 million battery swaps. In combination with NIO’s Power Swap, Power Charger and other power services, the 100 kWh battery will make users’ travel more convenient.

NIO’s unique service system with vehicle-battery separation and battery subscription enabled by chargeable, swappable and upgradable batteries is a breakthrough innovation in both technology and business model, which has increasingly converted more premium-fuel vehicle users to opt for NIO. The battery upgrade plan benefits all NIO users and further strengthens the competitiveness of NIO’s service experience.

Images courtesy of NIO

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