New Citroën ë-Jumper: A Payload up to 17 M³ In 100% Ëlectric Mode

  • Citroën is continuing its 2020 electric offensive with New ë-Jumper – 100% ëlectric. This compact van is the 3rd electrified van and the 6th ëlectric model launched in 2020 by the Brand after Ami, C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, New ë-C4, ë-Jumpy and ë-SpaceTourer.
  • From 2021, 100% of Citroën’s light commercial vehicles will be available in an electrified version. Thus,

ë-Berlingo Van will join ë-Jumpy and ë-Jumper next year.

  • New ë-Jumper – 100% ëlectric is tailor-made to meet the requirements of targeted business users who will choose the offer that best suits their needs with:
    • 2 levels of driving range (up to 340 km in the WLTP certification cycle) to ensure all daily tasks, including in regulated areas, whilst enjoying the smooth and silent driving experience provided by ë-comfort.
    • Journeys in ë-comfort mode due to its smooth driving and its silence.
    • 4 lengths and 3 heights,
    • A payload up to 1,890 kg (on the chassis cab)
    • A loading volume of up to 17 m3,
    • 4 GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) allowing up to 4 tonnes to be carried,
    • Up to 9 useful technologies to facilitate the daily life of business users.
  • This electrified version, “Inspirëd by Pro” will strengthen the performance of Jumper whose market share has shown a growth of 1.5 points in Europe between 2016 and final 2019, thanks to the up-selling strategy.
  • New ë-Jumper will arrive in the Citroën network in the second half of the year.


New ë-Jumper offers all the qualities of the internal combustion version with the advantages of the electric engine, a range of up to 340 km and the possibility of charging the battery to 80% in 45 minutes.

Since 2019, all new models launched by Citroën have been available in a 100% electric or a plug-in hybrid version ­– the aim is to electrify the whole range by 2025. Starting in 2021, 100% of the LCV range and its passenger car variants will be proposed in a 100% electric version. In a context of growing urbanization, access to city centers and their zero emission zones is a major challenge for business users.


  • 2 driving ranges to choose from, making ë-Jumper the best in its category with the most powerful battery

– 200 km* (WLTP cycle) – available on L1, L2 body shapes – 37 kWh lithium-ion battery.

– 340 km* (WLTP cycle) – available on L2S, L3 and L4 chassis-cab body shapes – 70 kWh battery.

*provisional data under reserve of certification

The traction battery, assembled by our partner BEDEO, is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km for 70% of the charging capacity.

  • Charging solutions

– Private or public fast charge with a Wallbox fast-charging unit (3.7 to 22 kW) requiring a type 3 cable (supplied with the vehicle),

– Super-fast charge at public charging stations up to 50 kW with a type 4 cable already built into the stationAllows the 2 batteries to be charged to 80% in 1 hour.

Citroën ë-Jumper comes with an 8 m type 3 on-board cable that can go up to 22 kW.

Deferred charging is possible at certain stations.

  • Work in ë-comfort mode:

– No vibration, no noise,

– Driving pleasure, smooth driving in electric mode, with torque available at start-up,

New ë-Jumper is equipped with a single variable speed that not only facilitates driving but also optimises the efficiency of the electric motor and thus increases the driving range.

In addition, ë-Jumper is equipped with an energy recovery system to control front and rear operation and the regenerative braking energy-recovery functions in certain phases. The energy is therefore recovered both when the accelerator is released and when the brake pedal is depressed.

– Engine power of 96 kW (120 hp) / 260 Nm,

– Regulatory maximum speed of 110 km/h (for a 3.5-tonne load) and 90 km/h (for 4 tonnes),

– 3 gear positions: D (Drive), N (Neutral) and R (Reverse).

– Freedom of access to restricted zones subject to CO2 emission limits,

– Reduced operating cost.



On the outside, the electric version is distinguished by the charging flap on the front left wing within easy reach of the driver, as on the internal combustion version. The “ë” monogram appears in front of “ë-Jumper” on the right rear door and on the front wings.


Useful electrical information is displayed on the glass of the interior rear-view mirror, allowing the driver to see the following at a glance:

– The traction battery charge level as a percentage,

– The gear engaged: Drive, Neutral, Reverse,

– The current level (A), and voltage (V) of the traction battery,

– The “Go green” indicator, which is displayed when the engine is started, and indicates that the engine is running.


New Citroën ë-Jumper – 100% electric offers all the advantages of the internal combustion version in terms of character, dimensions, useful volume and payload. This compact van’s move to electric means that the freedom to access low emission areas becomes possible, whilst allowing greater time between charges. It enhances comfort, thanks particularly to its driveability and zero noise, while helping to reduce the environmental footprint. Its high-quality construction is similar to Jumper and offers practical equipment for business users.


  • Best In Class – 4 main families available in electric versions

– Panel vans,

– Chassis cabs,

– Double cab chassis,

– Platform cabs.

  • Advantages of size

– 4 lengths: L1 (4.963 m – 37 kWh), L2 (5.413 m – 37 kWh),

  L3 (5.998 m – 70 kWh) and L4 (6.363 m – 70 kWh),

– 1 Best In Class effective width with 1.42 m between the wheel arches and 1.87 m between the partitions,

– 3 wheelbases: 3 m (L1), 3.45 m (L2) and 4.035 m (L3 and L4),

– 3 heights: 2.254 m (H1), 2.524 (H2), 2.764 m (H3).

  • Useful volume:

The useful volume of ë-Jumper is the same as the internal combustion version’s one. With 17 m3,

ë-Jumper is the best in its category.

L1H1: 8 m3 / L2H2: 11.5 m3 / L3H2: 13 m3 / L4H2: 15 m3 / L4H3: 17 m3.

  • Payload:

Best In Class – The 4-tonne version can be driven with a category B licence (3.5T) by deducting the weight of the battery, which is a real advantage in the segment. Payloads up to 1265 kg* (L3H2) are key requirements in this segment.

The 1890 kg payload of the chassis cab before conversion is the best in the segment.

  • Equipment

ë-Jumper makes 9 useful assistance systems available to business users for safe and stress-free driving.

– Active Safety Brake,

– Hill start assist,

– Lane departure warning system,

– Rear-view camera and reversing sensors,

– Intelligent headlight control,

– Speed limit sign recognition,

– Cruise control / speed limiter,

– Blind spot monitoring system and rear traffic alert which shows vehicles approaching from the left and right within a radius of 50 m,

– Hill descent control and intelligent traction control.

Citroën ë-Jumper has many other safety features, such as a low tyre pressure monitoring system, passenger airbags and side airbags (optional), emergency braking system, central locking with plip, alarm and super-locking system allowing the functionality of the handles to be deactivated, central locking, automatic dipped-beam headlight ignition, automatic front windscreen wipers, navigation with 9″ touchscreen (optional) and LED DRL lights (optional).


  • Best In Class – A broad selection for all body shapes, particularly with chassis cab and platform cab conversions,
  • Best In Class – The largest range in the segment up to 340 km thanks to the 70 kWh battery,
  • Best In Class – Usable width of 1.422 m between the wheel arches and 1.870 m between the partitions.
  • Best In Class with the 4-tonne version,
  • Payload of up to 1265 kg,
  • Useful volume, the same as that of the internal combustion version, of up to 17 m3 (L4H) is the best on the market,
  • Wide sliding side doors with a width of up to 1.25 m,
  • Modular loading sill: thanks to the adjustable rear suspension, it drops or rises by 7 cm,
  • Load area: the rear swing doors open to 90° or 180°; a 270° opening is available as an option,
  • A 5″ touchscreen giving access to the MP3 and Bluetooth-compatible audio system, and to the navigation and rear-view camera functions,
  • On-board comfort for greater peace of mind with:

– 13 practical storage areas, including a overhead alcove of 22 litres, fitted as standard on all versions,

– A modular space allowing the passenger compartment to be converted into a real mobile office, thanks to the writing table, built into the back of the centre  seat, which is accessible when the seat is folded down, and also the folding clipboard/tablet holder (optional), above the dashboard, which is useful for clipping documents or attaching a 10″ touchscreen tablet or 4″+ smartphone.

Images courtesy of Citroën

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