How Much Has Changed In The Design Of The Tesla Model S Since Launch?

The Tesla Model S has been out for quite awhile now — with enough years now passed since the launch that some owners of early units have begun upgrading to the refreshed Model S.

So, what exactly has changed design-wise in the years since launch? There’s the new nose… larger battery-pack size options… an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option… Autopilot… what else?

Tesla Model S new nose

A recent post by “SteveW25561” on the Tesla Motors Club forum explored this question in quite a bit of depth. Here are some excerpts:

I am eagerly awaiting my refreshed Model S that I ordered last week. This is the first time ever that I’ve upgraded in less than 3 years, not to mention staying with the same brand, and same model of vehicle! Not to mention that I’ve also pre-ordered the Model 3 to ensure yet more Tesla-fication of my family…
My original VIN (delivered Aug 2013) is around 16,200 (due end of June 2016) and my newly issued VIN is in the 145,300’s.

This has me reflecting on the growth of Tesla and the developments I’ve watched in this short time. While we all know Tesla doesn’t have model years, there have been continuous improvements. Things that have been added to the car over the last 130,000 cars include (in rough order of release by my memory):

Parking sensors
Folding mirrors
Titanium undershield (Tank Mode!)
Better fit & finish
Enhanced front (and somewhat improved rear) seats
New braking system
Dual motors
90 kWh battery (and 70–75)
New face and rear diffuser (subtle)
Integrated center console
Bioweapon defense filter
LED headlights with cornering
Expanded Supercharging network
Numerous software enhancements
…and that’s all I can remember for now.

Seems like a long list already, but anything missing?

2 thoughts on “How Much Has Changed In The Design Of The Tesla Model S Since Launch?

  1. active safety features (would be the most important to me – and very different than autopilot in use case/cost)

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