Model X “Sleigh” Brought The Holiday Cheer To Fremont Factory

Workers at Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, were apparently treated over the holidays to a visit from a Tesla Model X “Santa sleigh” — accompanied of course by an old fat man dressed up in a silly red and white costume and fake beard.

The Model X is in question was also decked out in Christmas colors as well (check out those rims!). That Christmas light sculpture of a reindeer at the front of the Model X is also something, isn’t it…? The workers in question seemed happy for the holiday cheer.

Here are two pictures of the decked-out Model X in question via “jeffkisthename” and “hophigh64” on Instagram:

Model x sleigh

Model x santa

Given that workers at the facility are probably going through a bit of a crunch time following the recent launch of the Model X and the rush to fulfill preorders, I’m doubting that many workers were able to spare more than a few seconds to give the “sleigh” a look. But I guess that doesn’t stop us from enjoying yet more new images of the Model X (even if the X in question has been modified a bit). What I’m really looking forward to, though, is when the first Model X reviews from major magazines start coming in — that should be really interesting.

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