Michael R. Bloomberg Statement on the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Today, as the U.S. Officially exits the Paris Agreement, Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg LP, 108th Mayor of New York City, and America’s Pledge co-chair released the following statement in support of the cities, states, and businesses that, as part of America’s Pledge, are working to fill the climate leadership gap and keep the U.S. on track with the goals of the Paris Agreement:

“While the Trump Administration pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the American people never supported that decision – and cities and states and businesses across the country resolved to do their part to stay in. The public understands that fighting climate change goes hand in hand with protecting our health and growing our economy. So despite the White House’s best efforts to drag our country backward, it hasn’t stopped our climate progress over the past four years – and in fact, it has led to even more bottom-up action, to make up for the lack of leadership at the top.

“Immediately after President Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Governor Jerry Brown and I launched America’s Pledge. The idea was to measure and communicate to the world the climate actions of all the U.S. cities, states, businesses, and local groups that remained committed to the Agreement – more than 4,000 in all. We’ve been able to keep our Paris targets within reach, and now we need to elect more leaders who can help us meet those targets – and go beyond them, because over the past four years the dangers of climate change have only gotten more serious and severe.”

Press release courtesy of America’s Pledge




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