Marques Brownlee Experienced The Tesla Model S Plaid — Video Review Coming Soon? 👀

Popular web video producer whose videos center around technology, Marques Brownlee, got to experience the Tesla Model S Plaid, and David Imel, a writer and researcher for Marques, helped Marques document and share the experience. Imel also rode with Marques. “Thanks, @MKBHD for making all the blood in my body rush straight into my face,” Imel tweeted.

Imel shared three more photos and his thoughts on how nice the vehicle is. I agree, and since I’ve been in the Tesla Model S Plaid but with the default interior, I have to say the all-white just gives the vehicle an additional sense of style and elegance.

Hopefully, Marques will post a video review of the fastest production car ever made, but until then, there are a few other reviews of the vehicle to feed your fix. The Wall Street Journal recently published a review by Pulitzer Prize–winning auto columnist Dan Neil, who noted that nothing will ever feel fast again.

“Between bouts of awe and car sickness — Sharp Curves Next 22 Miles — the Plaid sometimes had a melancholic effect on me. Man, nothing will ever feel fast again. Every piston-powered brag must now come with an asterisk; every Cars and Coffee, a sacrament of denial.”

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