MAFI new Electric Terminal Tractor T 230e, an Environmentally-Friendly option, Without loss of Performance, Offers a Clean Alternative & Energy Saving Option to the long-established T 230 diesel tractor

MAFI new electric Terminal Tractor T 230e

Your Electric Terminal Tractor For Container Terminal And Distribution Center Operations The electric terminal tractor was originally designed for container handling in seaports; however, it can also be used in many industrial applications that involve moving heavy loads.


Electric Tractor

In Spring 2021, MAFI will be launching an electric version of its long-established T 230 diesel tractor.

The tractor with a elevating fifth wheel boom, specially designed for container handling in seaports and distribution centers, is now expected to electrify the market with a battery capacity of up to 177 kilowatt hours.

In addition to the better cost balance, according to Michael Arndt, technical director at MAFI, electric vehicles not only make sense for reasons of climate protection, but also economically, since operating vehicles with electric drive is cheaper because of less wear and tear when compared to combustion engines. As for potentially high battery costs contributing to the cost of operation, Arndt explains this as follows: “Today, the durability of the batteries can be ensured for the life of the vehicles, as both the design and the cell chemistry are getting better and better.” 

When the charging infrastructure for the vehicles is installed in cooperation with the local energy supplier, the vehicles will be available according to their usage profile. The power supply can be delivered by direct current according to national standards or as alternating current according to international standards. As either an alternative to, or in addition to, charging the batteries directly on the vehicle, exchangeable batteries can be used.

The lack of exhaust gasses allows the tractor to be used in the food industry and the additional benefit of low noise emissions makes it an excellent choice for operation near residential areas. These advantages also increase operator comfort and therefore help contribute to health protection.

An E variant is also planned for the other vehicles in the T series. Other alternative drive technologies are also being considered.

“We will be able to create further variants based on our battery electric vehicle (BEV). A combustion engine can be used as a power generator in the vehicle, so a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or a hydride vehicle (HEV) would be a possible option. The use of fuel cells in vehicles (FCEV) can also be implemented, ”explains Arndt.

Press and Images courtesy of MAFI

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