Lonestar Specialty Vehicles Partners with In-Charge Energy for Turnkey Electric Vehicle Energy & Charging Solutions

DC FAST CHARGE, Capable of fully charging a 22 hour unit in 2 hours. Image courtesy of LONESTAR SPECIALTY VEHICLES

Today Lonestar Specialty Vehicles announced it has partnered with In-Charge Energy, an energy solutions company based in Los Angeles, California, to provide customers Turnkey Energy and Charging solutions for fleet conversion to electric vehicles.

Lonestar SV embarked on a mission in 2019 to provide a solution to internal combustion terminal tractors. Observing the amount of downtime customers were encountering with Tier 4 emissions equipment, a solution had to be provided. This was the driving force behind the development of the Lonestar SV Reman line of electric terminal tractors. Lonestar SV deployed the first electric T22 November 25, 2019 and continues to be an industry leader in electric terminal tractors.

Lonestar Specialty Vehicles will be the first Terminal Tractor OEM to offer end to end turnkey solutions that include EV Charging Infrastructure as a Service with In-Charge Energy.

When electrifying a fleet, our customers have new operational and budgetary considerations to make, that often require an innovative solution. It is critical that we (Lonestar SV) provide solutions for any obstacle our customers might face in their sustainability goals. Our mission is to provide Zero Emission solutions that are hassle-free, value-added, every time, for every customer. Our partnership with In-Charge Energy allows us to provide a turnkey solution and ultimately make the transition to Zero Emissions seamless for fleets said Blake Yazel, General Manager of Lonestar Specialty Vehicles”


This partnership will insure that Lonestar Specialty Vehicle can continue to build the best products and have our support with all of the necessary Charging and Energy services necessary for a successful implementation CEO In-Charge Energy Cameron Funk”

Image courtesy of LONESTAR SPECIALTY VEHICLES, Lonestar Gallery

About Lonestar Specialty Vehicles

Lonestar Specialty Vehicles, headquartered in Texarkana, Texas, is a leading supplier of fully electric remanufactured commercial vehicles. Remanufacturing extends the useful life of existing investments and provides a significant reduction in a company’s carbon footprint. Lonestar SV is a forerunner in innovative commercial vehicle solutions that offer exceptional performance, price, and reliability. With more than 3,000 assembled Class 8 trucks and tractors commercially deployed, Lonestar SV delivers proven vehicle solutions for every application.”
Additional information is available at https://www.lonestarsv.com

In-Charge Energy, Inc.

Images courtesy of Lonestar SV Electric

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