Innovative Pro Fit by E-Ducato Technology Allows Businesses to Imagine their Current ICE fleet as an All-Electric Fleet


  • Based on tracking data from a business’ own fleet, Pro Fit by E-Ducato tells customers how much they could save on their fleet if they were to go electric with E-Ducato
  • Innovative tool aims to boost knowledge of electrified vehicles and make clear their advantages to various bespoke business needs
  • New feature enables fleet decision makers to simulate the use of a full-electric fleet
  • Pro Fit by E-Ducato web-based platform is available free
  • App for live vehicle tracking also available for free from the App Store and Google Play

‘Pro Fit by E-Ducato’ has been created to allow businesses and freelancers to easily compare their current fleet of commercial vehicles with the performance and running costs of an electric alternative – utilising the all-electric E-Ducato range. By running a real world simulation modelled specifically on their exact fleet, businesses are able to discover the economic and ecological advantages of this new kind of electric vehicle based mobility.

Designed for a multitude of commercial vehicle business types – whether that be a one commercial vehicle business or large multinational – Pro Fit by E-Ducato is an innovative fleet simulator. In its simplest form, once signed in via the online platform, a business can build a simulation by entering their current fleet of commercial vehicles (with internal combustion engines), indicating the type of vehicle they use (body, wheelbase, height) and selecting the usage (route, mileage, operating temperature, etc.) for each one.

When the simulation has been set up, Pro Fit recommends the most suitable E-Ducato configurations available, and indicates each ones expected performance against business requirements. It provides insight into whether the range is sufficient, the extent of annual savings, whether the charging slots indicated are consistent with each vehicle’s mission, and more.

Moreover, the opportunities offered by Pro Fit go even further. Rather than simulating ‘the mission’ on the basis of generic input, a business can activate tracking in their fleet of existing vehicles from a smartphone. All a business needs to do is have their drivers download the dedicated ‘Pro Fit by E-Ducato’ app, available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Once a business has configured their fleet in the web tool, drivers simply activate the Pro Fit by E-Ducato app in each vehicle, which sends mission data to the web tool of the same name. Real world data is then gathered using GPS and the accelerometer in the smartphone and are immediately saved in the back-end of the website. Using this information, Pro Fit processes the data and provides a list of the electric solutions recommended, with estimates of financial savings.

Domenico Gostoli, Electrification Programme Manager at Fiat Professional, said: “The E-Ducato is Fiat’s first zero-emissions commercial vehicle. It represents a new mobility solution and a turning point in our history. It could therefore be accompanied by innovative solutions that enable businesses to approach electric mobility free of any anxiety or concerns resulting from the transition from vehicles with internal combustion engines to ones with zero emissions.”

Richard Chamberlain, Fiat Professional UK Country Manager, added: “Crucially, this tool allows businesses to be reassured of their decision to move electric before even stepping behind the wheel of the E-Ducato. With hundreds of configurations and two battery options, there’s an E-Ducato to suit any business and Pro Fit will be able to show businesses this in real time.”

The 100 per cent electric E-Ducato range offers a host of configurations, trim levels and battery options – enough to diversify any fleet while enabling customers to receive the benefits of both zero tailpipe emission and the versatility of a large LCV.

Like its internal combustion engine counterparts, E-Ducato receives a best-in-class payload of up to 1,950kg and maintains the same volumes of between 10m3 and 17m3 meaning there is an E-Ducato for every eventuality.

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