Human Horizons’ Super Smart-SUV Set to Rollout First Half of 2021

YANCHENG, ChinaOct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Chinese smart mobility and autonomous driving research company, Human Horizons, announced that the first pre-production models of HiPhi X SUV have started to roll off the factory assembly line utilizing its AVP technology. HiPhi X was officially unveiled at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show as the world’s first autonomous driving vehicle to utilize 5G enabled vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies. It combines cutting-edge technical innovation with premium class luxury. Deliveries of HiPhi X will commence in the first half of 2021.

Through a dedication to optimizing and automating the entire production and business process, Human Horizons are moving ever closer to realizing their goal of a mass-produced smart super-SUV, the HiPhi X. (PRNewsfoto/Human Horizons)

One of the defining features of the HiPhi X is the inbuilt Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) technology which allows for smart-parking and summon in supported areas. During production, this technology proves very useful as finished vehicles are able to automatically drive themselves from the production line to designated delivery areas, allowing for completely unmanned transfer and pickup. This functionality revolutionizes traditional automotive manufacturing, leading to a safer, cleaner, and more efficient production line.

For manufacturing of the HiPhi X, Human Horizons has developed a dynamic body production line which provides both fully automated and flexible production. The body of the vehicle is put joined using adaptive spot welding, flow drill screws (FDS) and self-piercing rivets (SPR) as used in the aviation industry. These jointing technologies combined with world class adhesives and sealers ensure the steel and aluminum materials combine to achieve complete air and water tightness, as well as a more stable and durable body. The production process is fully automated and consumes significantly less energy.

In keeping with the environmentally friendly production ethos of the company, painting of the HiPhi X is also fully automated. The HiPhi X uses state-of-the-art automatic painting technology provided by German Dürr Group to coat all inner and outer surfaces using robots. This creates a finish that rivals other luxury cars such as Porsche. Within the unmanned spraying area, the factory also adopts circulating air, dry mist, rotary adsorption, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), and other world-class technologies to further reduce energy consumption and cut down on the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). In doing so, the HiPhi X more than meets the requirements of even the most stringent of international standards to create a more environmentally friendly manufacturing facility.

As smart-retail continues to develop and pressure traditional business processes, Human Horizons has invested in a complete digital system linking together the entire organization’s online and offline processes. This covers areas such as order placement, production scheduling, quality management, error prevention, equipment management and supply chain management. The system automatically relays information to relevant parties. This automatic coordination of information greatly accelerates internal process speed and reduces the risk of human error.

The logistics processing of parts and vehicles has also been largely automated. Throughout the vehicle assembly process, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and ultra-quiet EMS transportation technology create a safer work environment. Large-scale use of the 360°AGV logistics distribution system, over-the-air (OTA) high-speed wireless technology, and remote vehicle activation allow for unmanned on-demand transportation of both parts and vehicles.

Through a dedication to optimizing and automating the entire production and business process, Human Horizons is moving ever closer to realizing their goal of a mass-produced smart super-SUV, the HiPhi X.


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